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Originally Posted by leathered View Post
From my perspective and although I'm not sure about the original hardware specifics:
What is immediately obvious is that a lot of similar colours are wasted down to having a 16 colour sprite palette seemingly for every individual sprite, on top of the background palette. We've managed to eliminate a lot of the extraneous colour and come up with a palette for the characters with 9 extra for the backdrops. We've been using the copper to get more colours on these - the latest is Steve T's work above.
Pretty darn good for 5 bitplanes =)

@ Rich: Obviously you had to drop a lot of the frames as such after managing to 'decipher'. Some of the frames I got from Denis were repeats - so the arcade may have stored the gfx in a very different manner than what I am accustomed to with Amiga gfx, and perhaps graphics in general.
truth to be said, the tool they used to get the graphics on screen touched up and colored where scanned with the help of a scanner, then it was uploaded in the proprietary GFX tool. The japanese were using cartoon technic, applied to the video games. That's why the animations are so sharp and realistic. Once scanned, they retouched each animation frame, this making awesomely done games like SSF2, where all the guys are real life animated.

To achieve such a smooth animation, as well as good to look at, needed repetition. This is not useless frames, they're here to make the animations "alive", and very realistic.

then, there is another hardware trick :

Most sprites are 128x128. Ok. The other reason why final fight amiga enemies running animation seems so wrong out of the frames Rich had to remove, is that the animation inside the "128x128 boxes" are made independently.

In clear, the box is moving at a variable speed, and the sprite displayed inside the "128x128 box" the speed is not the same as the one of the box.
That's the secret behind the incredible way the sprites are animated.

To replicate this, you need to make it like this : "4 sprites frames displayed and animated inside the 128x128 box THEN move the box itself 16 pixel right (or left). this makes you think the character is perfectly walking on the ground, exactly like how a human would do.
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