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Originally Posted by leathered View Post
@ Rich: I guess the guy that was doing gfx for you (and as such yourself) had to face a similar compromise, but that must have been gutting for a single 16 colour palette, or did you have more options for each stage?
I really can't remember whether I ran Amiga FF in 4 or 5 bitplanes - most likely 5; however it's quite probable that I used 16 cols for sprites and 16 for the background (the former would have been constant throughout game, the latter would have changed per-level).... probably... on the other hand that would have made the ST port a PITA so.. shrug, dunno someone would have to fire it up in an emulator and check :-)

Either way it sure was a bummer to map down to so few colors having extracted pixel-perfect gfx (both for sprites and backgrounds) for the entire game :-( IIRC there were some parts of the background maps that were never used in the arcade game; because they used a tilemap-of-a-tilemap the full-size backgrounds were huge (in some cases with large blank areas) . That's how I got Jessica in her underwear in the intro btw; was in a background tile map.

Originally Posted by leathered View Post
Some of the frames I got from Denis were repeats - so the arcade may have stored the gfx in a very different manner than what I am accustomed to with Amiga gfx
Yeah sprites are all tilemapped which makes repeated frames etc very inexpensive
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