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Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
as far as i'm concerned Gods is a case in point - perhaps the perfect example of how Amiga games differ from console and arcade games. It's got great graphics, amazing music (at least, title music, sadly no in-game music), but it's also very eccentric, and has some of the feel of the old back-bedroom programmed ZX Spectrum games: it's fiendishly difficult with frustrating controls and unforgiving collision detection. The designers of console games have instant gratification down to a fine art, but with most Amiga games you have to have a certain amount of patience to get anything out of them. You can't just pick them up and play them, you've got to invest. And they can take a couple of hours to complete, usually with no saving or continues or codes!

Some people like that, i suppose. Maybe it comes into the modern age with the division into serious and casual gaming, i don't know.
I know exactly what you mean. I never felt that games had to be forgiving and lead you by the hand back then, I thought it was the norm having frustrating controls and insane difficulty spikes, that was certainly my experience with lot's of c64/amiga games. As I got older I would just play those ones less.. The sheer effort in trying to finish some of these old titles was really quite something. Maybe it's a generational thing? Having started from the gaming school of hard knocks :-)

Originally Posted by nobody View Post
Console games were made by big teams and had a kind of director, check SNES Metroid for example how the music changes when you enter a dangerous area, colors changing to provoke feelings example green makes you calm instead of red tones that make you anxious and feel danger, things like that.
Pro stuff really.
There must be some good examples of Amiga developers using these techniques? Can't think of any off the top me head though. Ah, chaos engine had some pretty cool design, especially the music changing dynamically throughout the levels.

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