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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
Rich, just for the record, i guess that the funny way of running of the enemies in FF amiga is due to the fact that you had to remove some sprite frames right ?
Yep, as I'm sure you're aware I had to drop quite a lot of frames; I was pretty gutted to have had them in all their original-color, full-framed splendor and then drop so much, but... c'est la vie. I vaguely recall that remapping them into the final shared palette was the saddest bit.

Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
Oh by the way, Final Fight is using 256 colors Rich, and not more
even with multiple palettes system the game use
Are you sure about that? According to everything I can find (nowadays) CPS1 supports 192 palettes of 16 colors each (according to Wikipedia and even the MAME driver) = 3072 colors total.

You made me curious so...

Then looking at the CPS1 driver on
line 1509 is the sprite drawing stuff (not counting the background layers) which clearly uses 5 bits per sprite for the 16-color palette select (32 palettes x 16 colors) (line 1550)
Then it's using a separate 5-bit palette selector for each background tile layer (e.g. line 1236, line 1252, line 1291).. total the "palette_basecolor" array has 6 entries, each of which gets a 5-bit index added to it, and 6x5=192 which corresponds to the 192*16=3072 colors described.

So... I'm not sure you're right there; the CPS1 hardware supports 512 colors (16 per tile) just for the sprites (without using any raster split tricks), including backgrounds, 3072 onscreen total.

Final Fight may just possibly have for some reason decided to use less colors than the hw supported but that sounds unlikely (and isn't quite how I recall it)
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