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as far as i'm concerned Gods is a case in point - perhaps the perfect example of how Amiga games differ from console and arcade games. It's got great graphics, amazing music (at least, title music, sadly no in-game music), but it's also very eccentric, and has some of the feel of the old back-bedroom programmed ZX Spectrum games: it's fiendishly difficult with frustrating controls and unforgiving collision detection. The designers of console games have instant gratification down to a fine art, but with most Amiga games you have to have a certain amount of patience to get anything out of them. You can't just pick them up and play them, you've got to invest. And they can take a couple of hours to complete, usually with no saving or continues or codes!

Some people like that, i suppose. Maybe it comes into the modern age with the division into serious and casual gaming, i don't know.
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