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Originally Posted by RichAplin View Post
Well, apart from mine :-p I got every single sprite out back in 1991, including all the color palettes (heh yeah I remember the board supported 90-degree rotations of characters)
Yes it was complex; not only that but ripping the (multi-layer) backgrounds was difficult as (IIRC) they were composed from a tile-map of a tile-map.
Ah happy days...

BTW, thanks Ovale! :-)
Rich, just for the record, i guess that the funny way of running of the enemies in FF amiga is due to the fact that you had to remove some sprite frames right ?

anyway, the arcade board code program is not really big in itself, it's just organised as interlaced code chuncks and data chunks, making it quite difficult to run thru, but other than that, good god, it's plain ASM
Getting the tiledatas for each character is quite a bitch.....

Oh by the way, Final Fight is using 256 colors Rich, and not more
even with multiple palettes system the game use
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