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Originally Posted by Reido View Post
Really interesting hearing Richard talk about his experience making FF for Amiga, amazing what one or two people, or small teams were capable of creating! What was it, a few hundred million dollars to make the latest Call of Duty!!

Anyway, I also enjoyed the Amiga conversion. Was also very impresed with the new demo when I played it on Earoks Xmas Cd32 compilation, looking forward to the finished version.
You sir, are a gentleman =). Forgetting for a minute the kind of pressure that Rich was under, that's the kind of coding/game design I still admire and aspire to. The end of the line of the 'bedroom coders' I guess.

Ok so the little one's in bed now where was I?
The amount of time I have to spend on this is limited especially now. Today – I extended the display width by 32 pixels to better accommodate Steve's awesome new gfx.
The display for all stages has gone from 256 pixels (don't hit me) to 288 still using AGA 32 bit fetch mode, and still with all 8 sprites and... that was it. I get by by focusing on a small task whenever I get the chance to.

Even so I was dead chuffed with that today! The bonus stage is properly feasible now...
Tonight's my drinking night – but between large sips of (expensive!) whiskey (a gift I must add) I might just be able to finish getting the 2 player working (almost) fully. I've been working over the holidays so it's still Christmas to me

Edit: Oh, and the car will be made of 6 attached sprites - 192 pixels and in 16 colours. That will give us a new record of 66 colours on screen, not bad =).

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