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I read about what you did there. We had someone on here (Denis) who was trying something similar - ultimately however the gfx from just about anything ever have already been ripped on Mame. I recorded most of the fx the way you did - except I just needed a few software plugins on windows!
Yes, i have not ripped the GFX like most people do, i have DISASSEMBLED the arcade coin-op program roms, and crawled thru the tiledatas to build up the sprite frames ! This means that all the characters i did already are COMPLETE with no frame missing, which is not the case for the rips already done.

Just for example, DAMND use 42 sprite frames, + hardware rotations made by the CPS-1 arcade board (rudimentary, but hell, even the mame team was amazed when i told them that the CPS-1 board was able to do basic rotations of sprites ! Damnd has not sprite frame when he does its rolling sequence, all is done in hardware

in another vein, E.die use something like 63 sprite frames alone. Most sprites are in the same case, none of them has less than 30 frames.

the main problem, is that it's a very long process, which would need what the original graphists used for this game, a graphic tile program manager which is also doing mapping.

If only one of them could had released it on the net We have now X68000 emulation, so this could have been done, since the tool is running on this computer.....
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