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Originally Posted by mark_k View Post
I've been trying to get a config with HDF on Fastlane Z3 to boot, unsuccessfully so far. It's an A3000-like config with bootable uaehf HDF. For testing the HDF connected to the Fastlane just contains all zero bytes.
Always also test non-A3000 config because there may be strange compatibility problems with A3000 built-in SCSI, perhaps even with some specific rom combinations.

70 is CHECK CONDITION, but the first byte is wrong I think. The valid bit (bit 7) should be 1, according to the SCSI-2 spec (s2-r10l.pdf page 159): "A valid bit of zero indicates that the information field is not as defined in this
But SCSI-1 spec say "Validity Bit—1 if the Information Bytes (Bytes 3-6) are valid; 0 if not valid." Some errors put extra data in those bytes.

EDIT: Which explains it better than SCSI-2. "information field" = bytes 3-6. = valid bit should not be normally set, only if error uses those bytes, normally LBA when error is LBA-specific, like read error. (Used more with sequential devices)

TEST UNIT READY responses. The most suitable in this case (LUN not present) would be ILLEGAL REQUEST/LOGICAL UNIT NOT SUPPORTED (05/25).
Which it was supposed to return but code execution fell back to default error case after setting 05/25 codes.. Fixed.

EDIT: SCSI CD emulation didn't even check for non-zero LUNs. Fixed also.

01 - ISO version=0, ECMA version=0, ANSI-approved version=1 "the device complies to ANSI X3.131-1986 (SCSI-1)"
It was supposed to be 2 with "newer" controllers but part of code was copied from A590 emulation which uses SCSI-1 because original A590 install disk complains if INQUIRY returns anything else than 1. (It should be configurable too but not really that important)

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