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It was a fun thread to revisit too So many strong opinions pressed as facts and people completely head-butting. I miss the old page-filling posts as a result of quoting the quotes of quotes of strong opinions that need to be ridiculed.

Musing: Gods especially is an odd duck. Its pretty much that hate it or love it game as many dubious threads have proven - my overwhelmingly positive opinion on it keeps morphing. If I look at the game today what strikes me the most is just how completely original its gameplay style was and by today's standards still is. The way the movement and especially jumping makes it feel like you're really lugging around a rather heavy muscular guy, the inventory management, the secrets hidden within puzzles, the way enemies can behave so unpredictable... The guys who programmed this really put some work into it to make it not like any other platform-puzzler.

With a vindictive copy protection system that people praise Croteam for today, the unoriginal bastards.

EDIT: @Switchblade: I must correct you by the way. It is not YOUR thread at all. The moment you hit the post button, it became OURS.

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