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Originally Posted by RichAplin View Post
In the case of the developers (who usually weren't the same as the publishers, and never got a per-unit royalty btw) it was a case of trying to stay in business as much as anything.
Yep, the whole Amiga thing kinda faded. I was sad about that too; such a nicely designed machine (the Hardware Reference Manual was awesome). However, stuff like AGA was unlikely to ever really help much; with so many OCS machines in the market it would have forever been commercially insane to do an AGA-only game; much like how the Atari STE had so little impact (and it had real h/w scrolling and a rudimentary blitter IIRC)
That all makes sense. I will never have quite the perspective on it that you have =).
Originally Posted by RichAplin View Post
Lots of dynamic memory management; background disk loading, ram defragmentation, and gfx decompression as the game played. It looked ahead to see what baddies needed to come onscreen soon. It generated x-flipped versions dynamically and cached them. If you had 1MB RAM it would preload stuff.
In some cases I think it would maybe fall back to reusing an existing baddie it had in RAM already if memory was too tight.

Yeah quite a lot of (for the day) fairly hardcore geekery basically.
Very interesting and beyond what I can reproduce that's for sure... I have the luxury of HD (we're all using camera flash cards for solid state drives now) - characters are loaded from binary and can be shuffled on the fly, memory permitting. I've sort of managed to 'cheapskate' what you did all those years ago lol.

Originally Posted by RichAplin View Post
Yeah it'd be very f'king useful having MAME! Would have saved a lot of time ripping the gfx; which was done purely by static disassembly of the ROMs and late nights. I even built my own EPROM reader for that game :-)
I read about what you did there. We had someone on here (Denis) who was trying something similar - ultimately however the gfx from just about anything ever have already been ripped on Mame. I recorded most of the fx the way you did - except I just needed a few software plugins on windows!
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