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Originally Posted by leathered View Post
I guess at the end of the day, the software companies where just looking to make a buck to a short deadline.
In the case of the developers (who usually weren't the same as the publishers, and never got a per-unit royalty btw) it was a case of trying to stay in business as much as anything.

Originally Posted by leathered View Post
I think having attempted FFs myself helps me to remain somewhat subjective over the original conversion.
I still wonder how you managed to juggle all the data around in just 1mb loading from a floppy disk.
Lots of dynamic memory management; background disk loading, ram defragmentation, and gfx decompression as the game played. It looked ahead to see what baddies needed to come onscreen soon. It generated x-flipped versions dynamically and cached them. If you had 1MB RAM it would preload stuff.
In some cases I think it would maybe fall back to reusing an existing baddie it had in RAM already if memory was too tight.

Yeah quite a lot of (for the day) fairly hardcore geekery basically.

Originally Posted by leathered View Post
I'd imagine that if you were to attempt a conversion today you could use data from a variety of sources -
however as an amateur I just have to do the whole thing from scratch. I'm learning - and making it up as I go.
Yeah it'd be very f'king useful having MAME! Would have saved a lot of time ripping the gfx; which was done purely by static disassembly of the ROMs and late nights. I even built my own EPROM reader for that game :-)

Originally Posted by leathered View Post
I think for the playability you'd have to be a fan of the original to appreciate why anyone would bother to try again now. I think for me it has as much to do with the AGA machines being so woefully underused and my fave machine dying early...
Yep, the whole Amiga thing kinda faded. I was sad about that too; such a nicely designed machine (the Hardware Reference Manual was awesome). However, stuff like AGA was unlikely to ever really help much; with so many OCS machines in the market it would have forever been commercially insane to do an AGA-only game; much like how the Atari STE had so little impact (and it had real h/w scrolling and a rudimentary blitter IIRC)

From my perspective the UK games industry largely shifted over to consoles (NES, Megadrive/Genesis, SNES etc) because the hardware (and money) was so much better. Personally - after doing The Godfather (I did the PC version IIRC) I moved to Codemasters and had The Most Fun Ever doing a ton of hardware hackery for the Game Genie. Damn that was fun.
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