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I guess at the end of the day, the software companies where just looking to make a buck to a short deadline.

I think having attempted FFs myself helps me to remain somewhat subjective over the original conversion.
I still wonder how you managed to juggle all the data around in just 1mb loading from a floppy disk.
I'd imagine that if you were to attempt a conversion today you could use data from a variety of sources -
however as an amateur I just have to do the whole thing from scratch. I'm learning - and making it up as I go.

I think for the playability you'd have to be a fan of the original to appreciate why anyone would bother to try again now. I think for me it has as much to do with the AGA machines being so woefully underused and my fave machine dying early...

Plenty of fans of your CPC work here. This thread could do with a little light hearted banter...
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