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Originally Posted by leathered View Post
Lol! It seems to come with the territory with this game, doesn't it?
I guess so! It's amazing how much venom people have about that conversion; it's water off a duck's back to me (I wouldn't remotely claim it's a super fun game) but I just find it surprising.
In retrospect I think the most playable conversion I did was Shinobi on the CPC (which was a cracking arcade machine).
To be honest I never thought much of any of the beat-em-ups I had to convert... IMO the arcade machines themselves were very dull games.

As for Line Of Fire; we were laughing when we got that board in the office - basically zero chance of being able to convert it meaningfully (no h/w scaled sprites, no gun... hell the original had two 68ks and hardware-everything if I recall)

(edit): Ok so my startup-sequence for FF says I started on January 10th 1991, there's a postscript later from September - however in the meantime I'd also reverse engineered the Sega Megadrive and built a homebrew dev kit so maybe 6 or 7 months from start to finish. It also got reviewed in the September'91 issue of some magazine (..which would have hit the shelves in August, review done in late July maybe; they'd have had a complete-but-unreleased version) so yeah call it 6-7months in all.

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