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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Cool Spot
Global Gladiators
Putty Squad

All of those games do not work on the CD32 via WHDLoad. Even the WHDLoad games that have enough ram.

It should also be said the problem itself only applies to a real CD32 it doesn't occur on WinUAE so you need a real CD32 to replicate it.
If what you are saying here is correct. Then there must be an issue with WinUAE CD32 emulation. If you can collect enough information, I am sure that Toni Wilen would like to hear about it.

Presumably your testing was to try a CD32 ISO image containing the WHDload games in WinUAE configured as a CD32 and also burned it to a CDR and tried it in a real CD32 with the fWSi not plugged in?
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