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Photogenics Black & White?

2 Threads in a day...I'm getting worse..

Installed Amiga in a box to have a play with, it all boots up nicely and seems to work as it should. All the apps work fine with the sample jpg looking dead sexy.

Now off I went to play with Photogenics 1.0, it booted up fine after 2 requests for the password (supplied) and off it went. Being that I was running at 1024 it looked silly so I set the screen mode up to 800x600.

I thought that it looked a bit bland initially as well, no change in 800x600. Looked at the preview mode and its greyscale.

The icons also look a tiny bit devoid of colour.

Is there some way to make it preview in colour as the options are there but the radio button only allows grey scale.

Tried a couple of screen modes and its the same.

Any idea's please?
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