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I feel like I may have mentioned this quite a few hundred times but the problem is John Twiddy and the CD32 with the greatest respect.

Cool Spot
Global Gladiators
Putty Squad

All of those games are coded by him and do not work on the CD32 via the Analogic Floppy Drive or WHDLoad. Even the WHDLoad games that have enough ram, not Putty Squad.

I don't have any extra ram to add to a CD32 to see if that helps or not but I guess it probably doesn't.

Primal Rage a game reported to use all of the chip ram works fine from the Analogic Floppy Drive.

It should also be said the problem itself only applies to a real CD32 it doesn't occur on WinUAE so you need a real CD32 to replicate it.

Another idea would be to try inserting a standard 3.1 kickstart in a CD32 with the Analogic Floppy Drive connected to rule out any kickstart incompatibilities.

The CD32 3.1 Kickstart and Extended rom data are both interleaved which might be the problem.

Of course on WinUAE they are separated.
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