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Originally Posted by nobody View Post
I am sure if Tony post some original mockup of his idea and this is nice he would get some coder to help him. Most of these wannabe ports of arcades to Amiga will lose interest eventually and quit the project as many times has happened in the past. In the end why do it if you already have it on MAME with better quality?
If the game is original, Amiga only and very good quality they could ask some money for it. I would pay for it. Some games genres missing from Amiga are Metroidvania (mostly), horizontal shooters, vertical shooters, beat em ups in the style of Streets of rage.

Games to look after are Shatterhand - Metroid Fusion - Shovel Knight - Cave Story - Shantae Risky's revenge or shooters like SNES Raiden - MD Thunder force.
Amiga does have some good horizontal shmups, even if some of them are arcade ports. Apidya, R-Type, R-Type 2, Z-Out, Dragon Breed, ST Dragon ,Silkworm... and then Uridium 2, Cybernetix and Overkill for defender clones (Uridium 2 is not exactly a defender clone, but I think you get what I am trying to say )

For vertical shmups, the thing gets a little uglier. There are some "decent" ones (Hybris, Battle Squadron... Swiv if you push it a little, Wings of Death if you push it a little more), but none that are really very good. (I still really love Battle Squadron, but I can see a lot of shortcomings on the game )

And for scrolling beat'em ups, that's really the most fucked up genre on AMIGA imo. The only 2 games in this genre that are not *bad* imo are Golden Axe and Shadow Warriors, both are reasonable ports of very averagey games. Everything else in this genre for Amiga goes from bad to really dreadful.

I've been wanting to learn to code for Amiga this year *just* to be able to do a decent Streets of Rage alike game, running on an ECS machine with just 1mb. It can be done even without using all the Amiga power if you can't code to push it to its limits, you just need to know what you're doing gameplay wise.
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