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Yes a keyboard and mouse can be plugged. If memory serves, the cd32 has some internal storage space for save games.
The third post in this thread links to a method for making your own cd32 cd's.

Apparently there is a special version of whdload for cd 32's, as the cd32 is limited to 2 megabyte of ram. There may be some homebrew memory add-ons for all I know, though. I believe a cf/hardrive can be used on a cd32. Its an sdcard modified to act as an amiga hardrive; whdload and thousands of amiga games are already preset on there. You just click to play. You can buy them on e-bay.

Btw, the cd32 pads are rubbish, the d-pad will break with little usage. I suggest you get a competition pro or some other joypad. Amigakit sells some, I believe.

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