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CD32 Newbie Questions

Hi all,

Total CD32 newbie here, in fact I’ve not actually even bought one yet! I used to have an A1200 back in the day (I think it’s still in my father’s attic actually), but I’m intrigued by the prospect of having a CD32 under my TV to be able to dip in and out of my youth.

The trouble is, I’ve really no idea how to get to what I’m after – essentially I want to be able to play old Amiga games quickly from either bootleg CDs or USB images. Is this possible to do with a CD32?

One of the main games I’d be playing is Sensible World of Soccer, which I believe has been converted into a CD-R compilation by the Unofficial CD32 Ports guys. The trouble is, how would I save my career etc?

Presumably I can plug a keyboard and mouse into the CD32 somehow as well, so that I can play things like Settlers, Lemmings etc.?

Any help or guidance would be gratefully received, and sorry for all the newbie questions!

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