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Originally Posted by TjLaZer View Post
So this isn't AGA then? Will it run on an ECS Amiga?
There's plenty of info earlier in the thread - sorry to re-iterate here but since it's getting a little long in the tooth...

AGA: It benefits from a 'faster' fetchmode which means it runs well even on a vanilla set up. Sprites from the background parallax layer using an AGA trick with AGA 64 pixel wide sprites.

ECS: Got it running, but without the sprites and improved fetchmode. Obviously the CPU speed plays a large part but Shatterhand reported playable speed on a 7mhz machine which is encouraging.

Target machine is 2mb AGA with 250kb fast ram. I'll have to get it working without that fast ram at some point - but it works, and it it ain't broke...

After hitting that target, I'm confident I can make something work for ECS 2mb afterwards, but I've got to do that first.

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