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Originally Posted by McTrinsic View Post
Just Out of curiosity, Toni: is it actually possible To use the CW as DF0: ??

I know I can Access the Floppies from WB, but as a bootable DF0: ???
"Everything is possible". But real world answer is: not really.

Emulating AmigaDOS disks? Not that difficult but it would be mostly unusable, latency is too big (You have to buffer and decode whole track before sending it to emulate Amiga), trackdisk.device/some custom loaders will abort quite quickly if data does not come fast enough.

Because you can't adjust speed of real world time, you can only adjust emulator to compensate for buffering latencies etc which would keep compatibility but also makes emulation stutter all the time..

Hard real time device (mechanical floppy drive in this case) + software emulator combination can't work together.
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