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Originally Posted by mark_k View Post
In testing various different configs, I noticed that changing the HD controller type doesn't work without restarting.

For example, start a config with HD connected to A3000 SCSI. Press F12, add Fastlane controller and change HD connection to Fastlane. Then click Reset. The machine still has the HD connected to A3000 SCSI, even though it shows as Fastlane on the CD & Hard drives settings page. Clicking Restart does seem to get the new setting to be recognised.
Reset does not affect everything, for example some hardware component changes. Sorry, not very good answer..

Also, on a related note... could you show a warning requester on starting emulation if a configured HDF is connected to a non-existent controller? It's easy to change a config, disabling one controller and enabling another but forget to change the HDF setting. So you start emulation and wonder why it's not booting...
As you probably already remember: I don't add warnings. Drive that would get orphaned can be automatically transferred to new controller. Maybe.

Finally, it would be great if there could be a unit selection for UAE type HDFs as there is for the various SCSI controllers. Apart from the user being able to see what unit number to use for mount files, being able to set unit numbers would also help when using mount files. Otherwise, if you boot with a different config with more HDFs configured, uaehf.device unit 2 (say) might refer to a different HDF than the one you want. And then you have to mess with rearranging the HDF order to get the unit number you want. (Or just edit the mount file...)

Alternatively, just showing UAE unit numbers like is done for other controller types would be helpful (i.e. show UAE:3 for the HDF at unit 3).
uaehf unit numbers are also shared by directory harddrives. This makes it nearly impossible to have UAE HDF unit number selection that works logically..

(This has been in "to do list" for ages but I still don't have good enough solution)
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