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I don't mind spending a reasonable amount of money in support of the Amiga community, and that's why I bought AmigaOS4.0 for Classic Amigas from AmigaKit even though I had no system capable of running it.

When I received it, the flimsy box in which it was supplied had been mailed in a padded envelope in which the whole lot had been crushed flat and the box damaged beyond repair because it contained nothing but a CD-ROM in a slip-case and an installation guide leaflet!

That didn't inspire me to buy AmigaOS4.1 for Classic Amigas whether I could run it or not when it was announced, but it's good to know that for OS4.1FE Hyperion have at last realized that near-empty flimsy boxes don't survive mailing intact and now supply it in more appropriate packaging.

I will therefore be trying to buy this from AmigaKit when it becomes available again.
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