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Now got GSX750F :))
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First of all, remove all the references to it in startup-sequence, user-startup and WBstartup - use ';' at the start of a line for it to be ignored, and move the icon from WBStartup.

Then check any assign statements in either startup that refers to AmiDOCK, and make sure it points to the right place, and that it's a valid assign statement. Then save any changes.

Restart WinUAE to reset everything.

Run the assigns manually (cut & paste to the shell). If they are OK, then try running AmiDOCK by double-clicking on the icon.

At this point you should have the default dock setup across the bottom of the screen.

Click in the left border (with the triangle in it), then right click for the menu, and choose edit. You should now be able to alter the appearance, position and content of the dock-bar... however when I tried removing items from the dock list, and restarted AmiDOCK there was no change in the bar at all. So your guess is as good as mine from this point

Once you've got it how you want it, remove the ';' from the lines in both startups, and put the icon back in WBStartup.

Restart WinUAE, and it should work fine.
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