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Originally Posted by Amigajay View Post
Mega Typhoon has this too....up there with Battle Squadron IMO, though of course by the time of its release (1996), not alot of people even know about it!
Never heard of this game, delighted now you mentioned it, I am now off to experience this golden nugget


I think the stuff and technique you've developed is a very clever trick and this would allow home dev to produce or reproduce quality games on the Amiga in the way they should of been, the arcade ports are pretty cool, but would it not need to be disassembled of the arcade ported games code taken apart to inject the new sprite set and colour scheme?

I'm no expert, so I probably look like I have egg all over my face lol.But there is massive potential for this, as of recently there has been a coder converting old Atari ST ports and reverse engineering them to an enchanted version for the Atari STe making the games more or less brand new with the new graphics and coding trickery he's done.
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