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Originally Posted by Gerry View Post
Why's that?
You have heard all the stories about the Thalion Finance/Management people. If there is a tiny chance that any of them still have any stake in Amberstar then they will come forward. But not until there is money to be had.

Originally Posted by Gerry View Post
If it's so difficult to find out who owns the rights, how big are the chances they gonna get sued?
I'd say above 50%. As soon as their launch made much noise, whoever owned the rights would almost certainly come forward. But I have given them a good start on where to look. Computec Verlag who published the Amiga and had some input into publising the PC version after Thalion had closed.

Originally Posted by Gerry View Post
BTW, to my knowledge they secured the right for example to use the name Amberstar.
Chris said he had searched German Trademarks for Amberstar and found non. And that he had applied for a German Trademark for "Amberstar" but it had not yet been granted.

Games are like books and the unique names, places, characters in them are all copyright (which is different to a trademark). The copyright will last for 50 years (in the UK) and without permission they won't be able to use "Amberstar", "Lyrmion" etc. etc. without the possibility of being sued.

The Amberstar graphics and logos etc. (for UK law at least) has a 25 year copyright and so will be expiring in 2016.

IMO they would be much better off doing the 3rd instalment "Amberworlds" and trying to leave out as much of the names and places (maybe spell them slightly different)

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