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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
People still think that color reducing graphics is all it takes to convert games?
I see a lot of discussion about amiga ports between amiga users are just about the graphics.

I mean, I see people complaining about how Final Fight looks bad but the gameplay is ok.


The graphics on the amiga version of Final Fight are pretty acceptable IMO, but the gameplay is AWFUL.

I can live with graphics that are a lot scaled down as long as the gameplay is good. As accurate as with the arcade game, but it has to be GOOD.

Super Street Fighter 2 on Amiga is a very good example of this. I am pretty sure that is a bad port and it could had been better. The graphics are awful (the ECS version looks *really* bad), but the gameplay is *excellent* and it plays a lot like the arcade version.

So its good enough to me.

So before discussing graphics in an Amiga port, the first thing people have to think about is what compromises have to be made, how to make the control scheme work and how to keep gameplay good.

*then* you can start worry about the graphics
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