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Trying to make sense of Blizzard 1230 mkIV MMU

I recently got myself an A1200 (kickrom 3.1) with Blizzard 1230 mkIV including 64 MB + FPU and a CF card on the IDE bus. I'm new to Amiga, well I have an old A500, but haven't used that for over almost 2 decades.

Now I am not understanding a difference I notice and I can't get rid of.

Configuration 1:
ClassicWB on top of OS3.1
The startup sequence contains the line C:CPU FASTROM BURST >NIL:
With this line SYSinfo shows MMU in use
Without this line SYSinfo shows MMU not in use and gives me a lower score.

Configuration 2:
ClassicWB on top of OS3.9
I struggled to get this running in the first place. I got in a boot/software failure loop. This thread helped me fix it:
But I'm not able to get the MMU to "in use" in sys info
If I add the same line C:CPU FASTROM BURST >NIL: or use SetCPU in the startup sequence I get into the software failure boot loop again.
If I run the command from CLI after boot, the Amiga freezes.

So how do I get this to in use? Or shouldn't I worry and does OS3.9 already take care of this? To be honest I don't really know what the MMU will actually bring me

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