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Ok, now time to write bit more. I have played Your game, I have managed to finish few quests but not all. I have fun with it and I will try to finish it.
Animated npc's would be cool feature. Quests are not hard and they are logic, You meet someone and he told You about his simple problem, there is no tons of items so even if You do not know what item give in first place You can check fast every one You have collected so far with no stress. I also like dialogs with characters, they have some funny parts.
I do not know is this winuae problem or game itself, but hit-box for monsters are so damn big. It's hard to jump over those ladybugs in narrow underground corridors or when they are on small platforms - they always hit me. While those jumping mushrooms and bees do not give me any problems. More monsters? No, thanks.
You should think about some way to replenish Maxwell energy, like putting here and there some hearts that will heal him. Like normal items, but they do not go into inventory, instant-consumable, You can not pick up them when You have 3 hearts, but when You lose one You get one again, they do not respawn and it's player decision when to pick them up.
Also there could be some well hidden one-up's items that act just like hearts.
Big plus for Your game for cd32 pad support, it's good feature.
Just like Hipoonios write, You can put game logo in that gray box when hero do not talk to anybody.
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