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Thanks for the comments! Great to see a video up so quickly.

The music thing is a bit annoying I agree, thankfully we have new music being produced especially for the game at the moment so hopefully this one will be resolved soon(ish).

The status panel at the top is a bit of a bugbear. It's a bit ugly and we need to work on making it look a bit more presentable. This is one of the first tasks to complete for the full game as it might mean changing its size which will impact the map.

Interesting that Ironclaw also had problems with the controls not working properly. I am strongly starting to suspect that Blitz Basic's CD32 pad commands are getting a bit upset with certain sticks/pads/control methods. If you have a one or two button controller setup and it starts in CD32 mode, you won't be able to collect anything or talk to anyone. But that shouldn't be possible without a CD32 pad. I have to try and find a way round this ASAP.

Jumping and collision are the two things noted most so far. Especially the collision. I have tried to tweak it before but with little success. Being so used to it it doesn't register as a problem to me so it's useful to see how newcomers react to it and I know I need to work on these things a bit more.

@nittamituaki - just to clarify - do you mean that if you don't give him the beer straight after the meat, he won't accept it? That's not intentional if so, he should accept it anytime after he has the meat. I will have a look at that and see what's going wrong.

Thanks all for trying this out! The feedback is really constructive and very handy
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