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Big thanks everybody for the lovely feedback so far. I am glad (and relieved) that there are people out there who have enjoyed it, it's a big boost. It's been hard work but very enjoyable to see this game evolve and turn into what it is now. It wouldn't have happened without the serious hard work from Predseda and Chris (aka amigapd) with the graphics, as well as the significant contribution to the story, puzzles and general playtesting, and Mihcael for putting together a great little website for us and in pretty short time too! It has been a real team effort.

Originally Posted by TjLaZer View Post
Nice game. But there seems to be a very serious bug on the very first level. Can't seem to pick up the key on the far right! I hover over it and press down. Playing it in WinUAE. Do I need a CD32 game pad to play the game?

EDIT: Tried it on a real Amiga and it works!
This is strange. Predseda reported that the first time he run the game, it automatically skipped the titles and straight into the game in CD32 mode, then he pressed Escape to quit and then it worked normally. Can you confirm if the same thing happens? And what control method do you use on WinUAE to trigger this?

I can't replicate this bug anywhere (either on my Amiga or under emulation) so the more info I have to hand the easier it will be to solve this mystery
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