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New game released: Maxwell Mouse And The Missing Game Mystery

Finally, Remainder Software are pleased to announce the release of the demo of Maxwell Mouse - a small game called Maxwell Mouse And The Missing Game Mystery. It's a flip-screen platform/adventure game with influences from Dizzy and old 8-bit platformers, and this is a demonstration of the game engine we've developed. A full game with new levels and a new storyline will begin development soon.

It features a 29-screen level, with a number of puzzles to solve and characters to converse with, as Maxwell the Mouse attempts to retrieve an Amiga game mysteriously taken from his home.

You can download the game as an .lha archive, or as a zipped autobooting adf at

It should run on any Amiga with 1MB of RAM.

Instructions are in the archives, however you'll need to load the adf through Workbench to read them as the disk boots straight into the game.


Fire = jump
Up = talk to characters/inspect specific objects (where available)
Down = pick up items and access inventory
P = pause
Esc = quit

If you have a CD32 pad, press Play/Pause on the title screen to activate specific CD32 pad support:

Red = jump and 'action' (i.e. progress conversations, select item)
Green = talk to characters/inspect specific objects (where available)
Blue = pick up items and access inventory
Play/Pause = pause
Both shoulder buttons = quit

Have fun and let us know what you think, through here, or through our Facebook page:

There are plenty of ideas still to implement and things to improve (like the status panel, animated NPCs, more enemies etc) but do let us know your ideas.

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