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My copy arrived today (sooner than expected) as I couldn't find one in any shop so went to Amazon. Only took a couple of days to come although could have arrived any time up to 20th according to shipping estimate.

To be fair - I knew it was a major reprint of previous articles with a few new ones but it is good to have a lot of the Amiga stuff in one place. It's a shame that they didn't use it as an opportuntiy to weed out typos and errors although Retrogamer never claim to be Amiga experts.

Be warned - it is A500 focused so if you are a 1200 fan or a big box amiga fan then you might be disappointed.

I'm not sure how the kickstarter book will compare - that seemed to be more an art coffee table book whereas this one has lots of really interesting information on games and companies and how they were made.

10 quid (and postage) is a lot to pay but it's thicker than your average magazine and has no adverts (except for Retrogamer) and is no more expensive than any other bookzine.

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