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No Boot AmigaOS 4.1 - No Expansion

Good morning

This is my first post in this community, as a long and heavy Amiga User im really pleased that i can use WINUAE.

I've buyed some days ago the Original Amiga OS 4.1 FE CD for Classic Amiga's and tryed to make it towork.

I've followed several guide's from this forum but i've think i've got a Major error or bug.

Problem 1:
When i'm starting Winuae with my OS 4.1 Config everything went fine i can see the Amiga DOS Screen booting the Disk. The i receive a violett Screen with the following message.

--> snip
PPC Native OS booted with UAE boot ROM active. UAE expansions
are not hardware emulated and are not PPC compatible. (UAE HD controller,
uaescsi.device, uaeserial, bsdsocket and so on..)
<-- snap

Problem 2:
I think this is my Major Problem, when i'm only starting the WINUA Programm without any config loaded or session running i can not Access the "Expansions" Tab in the left side. The Program freezes, and it's really not possible to stop the program with the Windows Task Manager.

Attached you'll find some screenshots and log-files.

Any advise?

Best regards

- André

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