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Originally Posted by Toni Galvez View Post
Not in my case, I have a lot of games developed in my back.
And you're too shy to name them.

Some day I will want to convert some of this games for Amiga 500, but I will need some ASM coder.

Now I am more interested on make some game of my design.
Sure. Everyone is dreamin' these days.
The numbers of asm coders on 68k is dying. Good luck in finding some fools to do your work, unpaid of course.

If you know about game development, about amiga 500, you should be able to figure out that A500 has a 12bit color gun. That is 4096 independent colors. It is a fraction of what you have been using when converting in 24bit mode. Most colors in your conversions can't be displayed on any native a500.

With reduced color space the graphics result in less contrast or more diverging colors. Your example shows what it looks like on a1200 with reduced colos, not necessary though.
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