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Originally Posted by Higgy View Post
Come on guys, ok if you don't usually buy RetroGamer or are not used to Bookazines/Magbooks then things could get confusing. But they did say it was more a compilation of existing articles and some new. I have it and am hoping that it has articles from before I started buying RetroGamer. I also think that if/when I start needing to make space, I can lose the 'normal' mags and keep the special magbooks. The hardware guides etc are mostly articles that have (or will) be in the magazine.

I don't think it was much different in Future Publishing's day - combining content into a special.

Don't get me wrong, I wish it was all new stuff but I think we have to be glad that least there is someone making this stuff for what is a limited audience.

I guess the main thing all this shows is how desperate we are for new dedicated AMIGA stuff. The recent Kickstarter proved this.

We just need the doc 'Viva La AMIGA', 'Bedrooms to Billions-16 bit version' (please make this Mr & Mrs Caulfield you have the footage!) & Brian Bagnell's Commodore AMIGA years and we will have a nice lot of original content to keep us happy for a year

comparing Retro Gamer to Amiga Format is that of a comparison between a Robin Reliant and a Ferrari (I bought the AF Specials back then and they were better researched and written even if some of the material was combined from previous/updated articles).

I like new 'Amiga' material as much as anyone else but putting together a haphazard book/magazine without any effort just isn't cricket.
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