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Originally Posted by Steve T View Post
OP, Why don't you just call it the 'Steve' palette then? I'm a bit confused where we are with this as I'm still seeing different character palettes in the latest pic you posted - this would mess up the bonus round quite a bit!
You are right - it is actually an older version of the palette but the example was one of the best. I used it by way of demonstrating the copper - but I'm also positive that the changes made will not adversely affect the characters. Some of the hues in the character palette do change a little between stages so long as the effect on the character is minimal. You could call it 'dynamic lighting' =). Be assured that the palette used for the bonus stage is as it is - and we only have the player characters to worry about.

I need at this point to 'audit' and catalog the palette changes throughout to ensure it all still works - after a while I can become a bit complacent. It works in the demo - but again, the palette used there has some variance to the new palette. The new palette is different in the sense that it has allowed for proper colours on Cody - which will need to be present in the palette from the start. Palette for each stage is decided by the Amiga as such - it doesn't matter as such what the shade in the data is - the colour of the index is changed to the decided palette.
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