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OP, Why don't you just call it the 'Steve' palette then? I'm a bit confused where we are with this as I'm still seeing different character palettes in the latest pic you posted - this would mess up the bonus round quite a bit!

Those palettes nobody linked to are probably fine for general use, but palettes with bias toward certain tones can make a stronger looking artwork than a totally unbiased, even spread. Since we can choose from at least hundreds of colours on home 16/32bit systems but are limited in the amount we can display at once it makes sense to bias a palette for a particular level design than have a one fits all solution. Those palette examples are probably more of academic than practical interest for what we are trying to do on Amiga, but if you were designing a computer which had a total palette of 16 or 32 cols, thats exactly what you would want- an even, unbiased spread of tones, and it gives everything a retro aesthetic that evokes the 8 bit machines which some people like.

And yeah there's similarity with the FF palette because both are trying to use more natural tones and we need a large variety in the character palette, but there's a distinct lack of green in FF. It is there, but its less important as we are dealing with largely urban settings and characters so we're biased toward red and blue in every tone... I'm struggling with the bonus round background to have just 2 greens (which even then are very pastel-y and desaturated) because there's no place for them in the character palette, and because we need so much of everything else in the extra palette, which is nearly all greys and blues. Phew.

Paul's approach here is very sensible, and considering he doesn't have an art background as far as I know, what he came up with was quite good. My suggestions have been mostly to warm up some of the tones, desaturate others, make them a bit more natural overall and reduce the dynamic range - theres still a bit too much range imho... I feel like we're having a kind of (friendly) palette war over email as we seem to go back and forth over certain shades


We're trying our best to make it look as cool as possible within the restrictions
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