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Originally Posted by Konrad View Post
Just tried out the demo in WinUAE. This is really impressive ! I'm really looking forward to see more .
Cheers buddy. Comments like that are fresh right now, I really appreciate it.

Originally Posted by AF2013 View Post
Couldnt you make 32 colours Final fight game with 2MB Ram Memory(or more than 2MB Ram) or it isnt possible?
I'm not sure what you mean... This is a 32 colour game as such and fits into 2mb of chip ram. There is not really much room in that ram for music but we are using fast ram. Later on I'll maybe have to do it better and try to fit music into the 2mb chip as well.
The talk of 16 colours you see is to do with either speeding up the game for ECS or fitting the game into less memory.
I'm sorry if I've misunderstood your question.

Originally Posted by Interceptor View Post
that last picture looks pretty nice, but i think both nobody and Toni's palettes look quite poor to be honest.

i'm no expert on this but i'm just curious, did anybody try the Dawnbringer palettes?

16 colours -
32 colours -

they would depend on dithering but the examples given there seem to display a very versatile set of images.
Some of the palettes within the pack above have the suffix db for this very reason. There has been some inspiration, let's say.
The palette's themselves are I think not the most useable as they are for Final fight - can't say I've looked much into the 16 colour palette though.
I think the palette we have at the moment is good - and is still adapting steadily as the game advances.
Sorry Steve T, but you know why I can't name an Amiga palette ST right?
It would confuse people... Yours is the CODY palette until I can get over that!

Originally Posted by nobody View Post
Don't expect some miracles from dawnbringer's palettes, this game uses 256 colors, i took 4 screenshots and uses more than 650 colors in just 4 scenes.
A lot of the colours used are down to individual palettes for each sprite - the colours are poorly optimised (they didn't have to) so you get several hues of near matching colour. It's like the designers of each character were in entirely different rooms.

Someone like Turrican3 can learn to recolour these beasts with very little previous experience (or am I assuming too much?). The characters are being converted into a palette that is already made, and the stages need to be taken as they are (without characters!) - ok, so you already know that...

Taking one stage at a time we've got over half of these backgrounds converted now - and on behalf of all those involved, I have to say they've done a great job - I'm really proud of that.

All it takes a little time, good man =)
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