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Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
...such as maybe a limited amount of choice in the path through the game, perhaps by choosing left or right paths through a level affects where you go next.
If you mean like in Outrun I totaly aree. I think it would make a game more interactive because you can choose your own path.
Lets say after a bossfight you can select the easy or the hard way. But there has to be some reward if you take the hard way.
Like an alternate ending or better weapons at the beginning when you finish the game at least once on hard.
Maybe just bigger levels. That would be a reward and make the game harder.

Seems also much more realistic than my above thoughts

I think my brain is still somewhat on phantasy island...
Can network support be implemented for international highscores(if someone could host them)? It would encourage you to take the hard way.
I guess this will be illusive of course for a single disk selfbooting game.
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