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also there was Blood Money where sometimes the scrolling would go in a different way.

also there was Xenon (1) where you could press space and turn into a tank and it was no longer forced scrolling. also on Xenon 2 you could push the scrolling backwards.

also there was Saint Dragon where you had a tail that followed you that you could use as a shield.

also i had a certain amount of fun back in the day with an 8-way scrolling space shooter called Cosmic Pirate. Which does give me an idea for another game.

also there was Jeff Minter's Grid Runner where you played with the mouse and could leave a little shooting "hat" anywhere on the screen.

but it would be nice just to do a bog standard horizontal shooter without having to think too much. for my next project i want something really simple, but just do it really well. the Amiga has enough examples of over-ambitious projects that didn't really work for one reason or another.

but i do have ideas. such as maybe a limited amount of choice in the path through the game, perhaps by choosing left or right paths through a level affects where you go next. or some sort of strategy screen where you choose which planet to attack next.

shops have really been done to death by now though, and it never really made much sense to me that the enemies would be full of coins.

actually i just remembered an idea i did have a while ago that could be quite fun - to put the player's ship and the "outrider" accessory in a sort of physical relationship so you can swing it around like a mace by moving around in a circle, so you can whack things with it in a controlled way.

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