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Originally Posted by PeterK View Post
I'm using TRSaferPatches on my WinUAE OS 3.9 system for many years already without any problems. The only conflict that I know is caused by AfA_OS. AfA meeds PatchControl instead (read the docs).

SetPatch .....

Thanks PeterK, but I am not using AfA_OS yet. Has anyone more something to say about this patch? I would like to see if someone has any issues with it (I only want to be sure its not something wrong I did).

The worst thing that happens with my hd image, even after I have installed everything again, is that AmigaOS seems to lock-up, but any MODs playing in the background with DOpus, continues playing normally like it wasnt a real lock-up, and I think that very strange, because seems that WinUAE display refresh is disabled, or then, that only the input.library task is "freezed".

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