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My Workbench gets slow with SaferPatches

I have installed in my WinUAE AmigaOS 3.9 image, as I see it installed in many startup-sequences around the web, and my Workbench gets significantly less responsive than when I use, and I see many random lock-ups, that are very hard to track down but I think are related to the patch.

Has anyone seen the same issues with this patch on WinUAE or his Amiga? I think it unbelievable that anyone have this issue since there are so many people with this patch installed in their startup-sequences...

I would like to help Toni or anyone to track down what is causing that, and fix SaferPatches or then modify WinUAE to handle the adverse collateral effects of this patch like a true Amiga (not that I think it is a WinUAE bug...).

EDIT: Probably is too hard to track down the issue, and debug instruction by instruction of the patch (!!!), anyway I think would be grateful to see if I am not the only that cant use this patch.

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