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NON-Dos disk on Amiga formatted CF

Hi there.

I just got an A600 with a CF on it. As the IDE port of it isn't working (I've already ordered replacement parts to fix it), I was tinkering with it using my CF Card adaptader on PC and Winuae.

All was working very well up until today, outta of nowhere, when I try to boot the CF on Winuae it just says "Not a DOS disk in drive DH0:". This happened after I also configured a folder in Winuae to act as an HD (So I could test that Final Fight remake demo).

I've already configured WINUAE to try to boot only from the CF and same error happens.

I really hope I didn't lose the contents of that CF, is there anything that I may try to see if I can make it work again? Or I'll have to configure it all again?
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