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LOL this is a project that just keeps giving

If I spot any other set ups with lights that look sweet, I'll post them on here for you, for inspiration.

I spotted this one a while back which had good lighting, (your cable management puts this one to shame )

Thinking about it IKEA have multi colour changeable LED storage lighting these days which would work a treat. you wouldn't have commit to a colour then you could change it to suit your mood

Originally Posted by Rob 1 View Post
This isn't my room but thought it was worth a share as its a nice way to display.

Even if they are just consoles.....

Can any one name them all?
Originally Posted by rkidd7952 View Post
You might have room to build an extension cable using an IDC-type 9 pin connector. I used these to neaten up the wiring on my machines. This converts the mouse port to a ribbon that I route under the machine and out the back. I put a couple pictures here:

Nice Robert (Cool name )

I should have done something like this with the box of a modulator at the back my Amiga a long time ago.

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