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Originally Posted by Turran View Post
Adapter would not fit either. Its like 2mm room on one side =) But yes, you are right that I should move it when I do not use it... I'll do that.
You might have room to build an extension cable using an IDC-type 9 pin connector. I used these to neaten up the wiring on my machines. This converts the mouse port to a ribbon that I route under the machine and out the back. I put a couple pictures here:

The connector as I assembled it extends 17-18mm from the outer edge of the 9 pin connector. This includes an extra clip for strain relief, shown in the fourth picture. If you omitted the strain relief, the connector would extend only 12 or 13mm beyond the connector. The outer edge of the joystick connector on my CD32 is recessed 9mm from the edge of the case, so an extension without strain relief might only protrude 3-4mm from the edge of the CD32.

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