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Originally Posted by nobody View Post
I see that you have a palette already so all you need to do is just recolor/remap the graphics, maybe some touches here and there too and that's all about it.
It's very easy to do with a couple of programs on Windows and then with Personal Paint on the Amiga.
Off you go then =). Finding someone who can make this look easy is just what I'm looking for.

Originally Posted by Gzegzolka View Post
I would love to see this game as full aga version not only in title.
It is – you're just expecting another bitplane – which ain't gonna happen this side of me finishing it - sorry!
I trust you have something faster than 030 @50mhz?
AGA version uses 32 bit fetchmode and a layer of 16 colour, 64 pixel wide sprites for the parallax – that's more than plenty of supposed 'AGA' games of the day. Using the copper the max amount of colours on screen at present is 55 – based on the most advanced stage with 16 colour sprite palette. This is without a copper 'rainbow'. We could do it using another bitplane but the drawing of it will be slower – and the excellent copper is part of what makes Amiga games great – pushing it to do more – it's to the Amiga what mode 7 is to the Snes.
I think I need some sort of disclaimer!

Originally Posted by Shatterhand View Post
I've just played the ECS version of it.

It's friggin awesome. Its eons better than the oficial port, when this gets completed, it will be the best game of its genre on Amiga.

The music is fantastic on level 1 (On level 2 it had some weird cracks on it), the sound effects are perfect...

Goddamn it, I've been thinking about learning Blitz Basic 2 so I could code for Amiga.. if that's the kind of stuff its possible to do with it, I am *very* into learning it now. This is amazing work mate. I can see the slowdowns, it would be better if the game was a little faster , but I am not complaining. A game like this working 100% back at the time would get rave reviews.

EDIT: Please, consider finishing this ECS 7mhz version at some point. I understand you wanting to focus on the AGA version, but I do know a few people who has no AGA machine (myself included, hehe). This would be a killer-app on an A600
Thanks for the news. Converting in such a way to ECS is the simplest of all options, and would in any case be necessary. Any re-colouring etc beyond that should fit with the framework of what is there. The easiest way to do that is to become familiar with what's present in the AGA version.
Please learn Blitz!

Additional notes on the conversion process.

Ideally when a stage/ character is recoloured they should be returned with the palette indexed for the 23 colour character palette (0-22) and any additional colours clearly marked (you can extend the size of the screen for notes and working etc.)

For the purposes of this engine – the copper is used to change the index of a colour to another value further down the screen.

Looking at Stage 2_2 here as an example – you can see that the colours in indexes 23 and 24 run for the entire vertical length of the screen. Colours indexed 25 through 31 are changed around line 40 to colour the walls and doors. Colours indexed 25 through 28 are then changed again to colour the floor.

Obviously on the Amiga FFAGA is using a 32 colour palette. To represent these colour changes with the copper therefore requires using additional indexes to simulate the copper.

So long as the required colour per index is not present in the same horizontal line as the colour it replaces there is no problem.
All that is required then is something to show the working of this in rough – as shown in the example here.

Before making the tiles, I'll convert these indexes back to the 'root' index and change them in the Amiga using the copper.

Turrican3 wants to recolour 4_1 as he is learning how to utilise the copper. The rest of the stages beyond that are up for grabs.
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