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Hi Tony, do you really think that a good version of beats of rage could be done on ocs/ecs ??? And i suppose with just 1 meg of memory ????
Goodluck with this project, if you can do it, it should be incredible.
But why not buying an amiga 1200 and make a more doable port ???
But if you can make a good port on the amiga 500, i'll be on shock .
I'm sure, if you ask, somebody could send you an amiga 1200 to do an aga version. Too bad that i didn't have one anymore and my amiga 4000 is broken ! I still have an amiga 500 and a cd32.
One thing is sure, porting beats of rage will be one of the biggest challenge on amiga ecs/ocs.
You know what we should send mail to Light Shock Software coders asking them if they still have the source of fightin' spirit [ Show youtube player ] .
Enough talk, i'm happy to see your keen interest to make a new amiga game, i wish you to succeed.
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