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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Sprite DMA slot located at cycle DDFSTRT-1 gets stolen by (nonexisting) bitplane DMA if OCS Agnus. It is always second sprite slot: CTL or DATB load.
Understood. That make sense. DDFSTRT-1 wipes out the second DMA slot of sprite 6 in my case.

And with a normal DDFSTRT of $38, sprite 7's second DMA slot would be unusable? This means an OCS-Agnus system has always a problem with the last sprite? I never realized that before...

If sprite only appears once, you also don't need to use copper to load POS and CTL, just make sure line 25 has larger DDFSTRT.
Er... what is so special about (raster) line 25? SPR6PT is loaded at VERTB, so I would expect SPR6POS and SPR6CTL to be loaded by the DMA immediately during the next raster line (0 or 1?).
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